For our olfaction experiments, we rely on an olfactometer produced by the Whiff company (USA) with 4 channels for odor vials. This equipment allows a highly controlled presentation of different odors at precise times during our experiments and has compatible triggers with numerous devices.

Eye Tracker

We use the EyeLink 1000 Plus (SR Research) to record gaze movement. This is a video-based binocular tracker with a high-speed camera (up to 2000 Hz). It has interchangeable lenses and both stabilized and free-to-move head configurations and can be synchronized with additional EEM, EMG and MRI equipment.


To record peripheral psychophysiological measures, we use an 8 slot BioNex chassis developed by MindWare Technologies LTD. Currently, our device is prepared to collect EMG and EDA up two participants simultaneously. An additional MindWare's Impedance Cardiograph module and GSC 2 Amplifier are also available to measure impedance cardiography, skin conductance, and other physiology signals.


For our EEG recordings we currently work with a 64 channel Geodesic EEG System 400. NetStation analysis software, EEGLAB and ERPLAB are used for data analysis in an Apple iMac 27"Retina 5k.

Individual Cabins

Most of our cognition studies are conducted in individual isolated cabins, equipped with Dell OptiPlex 755 PC and Asus VX238H 23” Full HD LED monitor, Sony headphone set, and Cedrus RB-540 response pad. Each cabin is equipped with Microphone and Speaker connected to an intercommunication station.