• 16 sound-isolated and light-controlled cabins for individual stimulus presentation can be found in our laboratory. Each cabin is equipped with: Dell OptiPlex 755 PC and Asus VX238H 23” Full HD LED monitor, Sony headphone set, and Cedrus RB-540 response pad. All cabins have a Behringer Microphone and Speaker, connected to an intercommunication and recording station in a separate control room. Field data collection is assured by 5 iPads.
  • 1 dedicated room for stimuli preparation and storage equipped with a Forma™ Scientific Lab Freezer and 2 separate rooms for EMG and EEG (Mindware and BioPac Systems) recordings are also available. Long term physiological samples can be stored in the -80ºC freezer.
  • Video and recording equipment includes 1 Samsung LED Smart TV 4K 43", 3 Canon video cameras and 2 digital audio recorders.
  • The laboratory also offers a range of licensed software for stimulus presentation, data collection, and data analysis (e.g., E-Prime, Qualtrics, NVivo, MAXQDA).